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How to overcome Peer pressure

Here are some valuable things parents can do to help their kids in the face of peer pressure. Although parents worry about the influence of peers, overall, parents also can have a strong influence on whether children succumb to negative peer pressure. It can be difficult to stand up to peers that you consider your friends. Make it easier on yourself by practicing your responses to their questions about drugs and alcohol. Ask a parent, teacher or older sibling to role play with you so you can prepare your response ahead of time.

how to deal with peer pressure

Peer pressure can be both positive and negative, depending on where the pressure is coming from. When the peers you are spending time with begin pressuring you to try drugs and alcohol, the consequences can be devastating. No one starts using these substances with the intention of becoming addicted, but addictions do happen. The best way to protect yourself is to stand up to the peer pressure right from the beginning.

Types Of Teen Peer Pressure

Indulging in activities like smoking, drinking, using drugs, or sexual activities. Positive peer pressure is when someone’s peers encourage them to do something positive or push them to grow in a beneficial way. When peers endorse positive and altruistic behavior, young people are more likely to engage in those behaviors, even when their peers are not watching. The way your child responds to peer pressure can indicate who they are as an individual.

For example, try a sewing or woodworking class, pick up photography, go hiking, or get a bike. When peer pressure is positive, it pushes you to be your best. Negative peer pressure is when someone who is a friend or part of a group you belong to makes you feel that you have to do something to be accepted. It’s the negative peer pressure that we usually think of when the phrase peer pressure is used. When you give in to negative peer pressure, you often feel guilty or disappointed with yourself for acting in a way that goes against your beliefs or values.

How to overcome Peer pressure

In most cases, the consequences of those decisions will be much more dreadful than simply standing up and saying no in the first place. While some friends will encourage you to make positive choices, others will try to pressure you to make negative and even destructive choices. In most cases, choosing friends that make the right choices themselves will help you to do the same. This type of peer pressure involves an individual being exposed to certain behaviors, trends or choices of others and feeling a pressure to conform. There are many types of peer pressure which can be experienced at any age. Since peer pressure involves communicating some type of message, the way in which that message is communicated can be varied. You may experience very direct and clear peer pressure, at times it may be only a strong feeling, sometimes it might sound fun and other times it can sound scary and even illegal.

  • Most people want to fit in from a very young age, leaving them open to peer pressure.
  • Be subtle and just comment on how you navigate the world.
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  • We note that this article contains details of sexual extortion and may affect those who have experienced it or know someone affected by it.
  • That makes you feel as though your hesitation was wrong, and you will be judged if you don’t go.
  • As we get older, these feelings of needing to conform can persist.

Learn how to say “no,” and practice how to avoid or get out of situations which feel unsafe or uncomfortable. Encourage your child to seek out positive relationships and to choose friends who respect them and do not put unfair pressure on them. Friends and classmates can influence decisions, especially during the adolescent and teenage years.

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AspenRidge Recovery offers ongoing support to individuals facing substance abuse. Peer pressure influences are notorious for triggering the dangerous use of alcohol and drugs.

We note that this article contains details of sexual extortion and may affect those who have experienced it or know someone affected by it. As ever, we can be contacted online via our website at Take good care. When dealing with peer pressure, start by choosing friends who won’t pressure you do things. Your friends should accept you for who you are without wanting to change you. If your friends don’t make bad decisions, you’re less likely to make them, too. It may decrease their self-confidence, affect their performance in the classroom, distance them from family and well-wishers, and increase their chances of developing anxiety and depression.

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To help our readers take the next step in their journey, Choosing Therapy has partnered with leaders in mental health and wellness. Choosing Therapy may be compensated for marketing by the companies mentioned below. Choosing Therapy partners with leading mental health companies and is compensated for marketing by Talkiatry, Teen Counseling, Joon, and Manatee. This type of peer pressure involves one individual or a group asking another individual to participate in some type of behavior. In a group setting, the pressure felt is much stronger as there is power in numbers.

10 ways to help your teen deal with peer pressure – Tribune Online

10 ways to help your teen deal with peer pressure.

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The teen gives more importance to their peers’ opinion than their own thoughts. Hence, peer pressure can make the teen do things that they would otherwise not do. MomJunction believes in providing reliable, research-backed information to you. As per our strong editorial policy requirements, we base our health articles how to deal with peer pressure on references taken from authority sites, international journals, and research studies. However, if you find any incongruencies, feel free to write to us. EduBirdie considers academic integrity to be the essential part of the learning process and does not support any violation of the academic standards.

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